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If you thought our comics were held to a high standard, then wait ‘til you see what we’ve got in the Home Furnishings Division. Not only has each piece been made in accordance with our exacting specifications, but each purchase includes your free official American Scraps metallic button and sturdy draw-on membership card!

The Mug

This thing won’t quit. Durable, weighted, generously sized, and speckled with a unique-as-a-snowflake flecked camping-mug pattern. From either side, the handsome American Scraps logo (set in the same black as the flecks and the rim) tells your friends / students / bosses / loved ones that you take your coffee industriously, patriotically, and without guff.

Hand wash recommended.

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Ships securely; cushioned in bubble wrap and boxed by hand. Includes free American Scraps button and membership card.

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The Poster

One look at this in the flesh and you’ll immediately grasp that this isn’t just a poster, it isn’t just a print—it’s art. Designed in-house at American Scraps, and per-sheet hand-pulled by the expert workmanship of Seattle’s famed, independently-owned Broken Press Design & Print. Featuring excerpts of original Scraps comics, plus halftone and schematic tributes to our industrial factory that’ll show off your company pride.

18" x 24". Screenprinted on 100 lb. Natural Cougar paper.

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Ships securely; rolled first in shipping paper, then gingerly placed into a durable, tough, transport-ready Uline tube. Includes free American Scraps button and membership card.

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A Note on Sources

The American Scraps Executive Reference Library

Every American Scraps comic strip cites, links-to, and—where possible—displays a preview of its source artifact. These artifacts are all from public-domain, royalty-free sources, and are appropriate for use in the classroom. Most American Scraps sources come from The National Archives And Records Administration (NARA), whose “Today’s Document” feature was the original inspiration, in 2010, for this whole enterprise. (On a personal note, I’m grateful to NARA for the invaluable work they have done, and continue to do.)

For ease of use in the classroom—specifically grades 5–12—American Scraps organizes its material according to UCLA’s National Standards for History Basic Edition (1996), as you can see in those ten “Historical Eras” above. Learn more about the National Center for History in the Schools here.

If you’re a teacher and are using American Scraps in the classroom, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at

A Note on Theft

The original art you see here on American Scraps is copyrighted, and reproduction of it is prohibited without written approval.

In other words, unless I’ve told you otherwise: Don’t save or screenshot these comics for use in your own post, tweet, slideshow, or embed. Don’t “remix” or “aggregate” them. Don’t reproduce them, even in an appreciative way. Don’t sell them. Don’t drop them into a listicle called “15 Comic GIFs That Tell The Story Of American History (And You Won’t Believe #8!)”.

Instead, contact me at and let’s talk about your idea.

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