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Sure, you could sit back and simply read American Scraps—but where’s the joy in that? I want you to be a part of American Scraps! By becoming a Patreon supporter, you get to be a part of the action. Join me in real time—that means live—as I ink a real honest-to-goodness American Scraps comic before it gets published! Not only will I talk about the drawing process, but I’ll take your questions in the live chatroom, too!

Upcoming Schedule

It’s my goal to have these hew as-closely-as-possible to the same day and time each fortnight. (Before long, I want “fortnightly” to become “weekly,” pending interest and financial resources.) But because travel, life, and work sometimes get in the way, I’ll maintain the calendar below with the next-upcoming livestreams so you can count on the near future.

January 2017
  • 22th Sunday 9:00a PT / 12:00p ET
February 2017
  • 5th Sunday 9:00a PT / 12:00p ET
  • 19st Sunday 9:00a PT / 12:00p ET


How long do these last?

Expect each livestream session to last at least half-an-hour (unless we’re all having too much fun). Shortly before the livesteam is scheduled to begin, I’ll send out a message through Patreon—you’ll get it via email—that includes a special, private link to that livestream’s video and chatroom.

What if I miss it?

No sweat! I’m using YouTube to record these; a couple days after the livestream ends, I’ll make it available for access-exclusive rewatching, and link to that in a Patreon post.

Do non-subscribers get to watch?

If I feel that a particular livestream went really well—the conversation flowed, I didn’t spill ink all over the desk, etc.—then, a long time after its airdate, I might make its recording public for anyone to watch. But, this will happen so long after-the-fact—weeks, maybe months—that it will have lost all novelty of it being related to current events or to an upcoming strip. It’ll function more as a this-is-how-much-fun-we’re-all-having-without-you teaser.

A Note on Sources

The American Scraps Executive Reference Library

Every American Scraps comic strip cites, links-to, and—where possible—displays a preview of its source artifact. These artifacts are all from public-domain, royalty-free sources, and are appropriate for use in the classroom. Most American Scraps sources come from The National Archives And Records Administration (NARA), whose “Today’s Document” feature was the original inspiration, in 2010, for this whole enterprise. (On a personal note, I’m grateful to NARA for the invaluable work they have done, and continue to do.)

For ease of use in the classroom—specifically grades 5–12—American Scraps organizes its material according to UCLA’s National Standards for History Basic Edition (1996), as you can see in those ten “Historical Eras” above. Learn more about the National Center for History in the Schools here.

If you’re a teacher and are using American Scraps in the classroom, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at

A Note on Theft

The original art you see here on American Scraps is copyrighted, and reproduction of it is prohibited without written approval.

In other words, unless I’ve told you otherwise: Don’t save or screenshot these comics for use in your own post, tweet, slideshow, or embed. Don’t “remix” or “aggregate” them. Don’t reproduce them, even in an appreciative way. Don’t sell them. Don’t drop them into a listicle called “15 Comic GIFs That Tell The Story Of American History (And You Won’t Believe #8!)”.

Instead, contact me at and let’s talk about your idea.

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